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#69: We Turned an Old Strip Club into a Malaysian Kitchen ft. Kat & Su, Makan Malaysia

We talk to Kat & Su from the brilliant meal prep. service Makan Malaysia! We talk about growing up in Malaysia, white boyfriends and cooking food out in a former strip club.Ditch HelloFresh and check out Makan Malaysia online for some tasty Malaysian food and follow Kat & Su on instagram.🍚 Become a patron to support the podcast, get extra episodes, free tickets and more: patreon.com/ricetomeetyoupod🗣 Wanna talk about this episode? Come join our discord and talk to other fans of the pod! Patrons get access to additional private channels.👕 We have merch now at ricetomeetyoupod.com/merch--- 📲 Follow the show: Rice To Meet You Instagram Twitter Nigel Ng Instagram Twitter Facebook Evelyn Mok Instagram Twitter Facebook

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#66: Rice To Zoom You #3: I Like Rice

This episode is a snippet from our Live event Rice to Zoom You, the funnest one we've had yet! We talk abt Nigel reclaiming sovereignty of his life, Evelyn's narcissistic self-help videos, Uncle Roger makes an appearance & we talk to the audience and find a Jerry Springer moment and listener Archie Pina shares his Rice poem with us!

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