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#78: Asians Love Free Things

Evelyn and Nigel are still in Sweden and they talk about Evelyn getting upgraded to a junior suite, how asians love the free things we get at hotels and we get an update on Nigel's condom-story!

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#77: Nigel and Evelyn Are in Sweden

Nigel joins Evelyn in Sweden and they do Stockholm! They talk about an incident on Nigel's first night in the country, Evelyn tries to flirt and fails again and Nigel lets us know what Asians and Africans have in common!

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#76: Uncle Roger is All Our Asian Dads

In this episode Evelyn is back in Sweden and dealing with her parents interrupting the podcast recording, while Nigel and her talk about Evelyn's make-up, being an Asian production company and some k-drama style fanfic they received on the discord.

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